Company History

A company thrives by innovation, as the living do by air.

With the simple idea of offering flow measurement expertise to oil and gas operators, former measurement technology developers, Chip Letton and Jim Hall, co-founded the Letton Hall Group in January 2001.

At that time in the midstream and transportation sector, techniques for more accurate metering were advancing quickly while standards and regulations lagged. Challenges to implement the new technologies were growing.

In the upstream sector, advances in drilling and completion technology – and particularly deep-water subsea engineering – were expanding the practice of production facility sharing amongst multiple fields.  The commingling of wells with different ownership and royalty rates pushed the need for well rate determination to the wellhead. In response, new measurement technologies began appearing, requiring new flow modeling and diagnostic techniques, new industry standards, and better production allocation methodologies. 

With a strong technology engineering background, the Letton Hall Group quickly became a trusted independent advisor capable of discovering reliable technology solutions and developing improved measurement applications. As the Group grew in number, its scope of services broadened around the central idea of improving measurement data to meet a client’s business objectives.

Today, the Letton Hall Group regularly serves operators around the world in oil, gas and LNG transmission, midstream and upstream operations.

More information about the Letton Hall Group is on our About Us page. Learn more about our services here.

Letton Hall Group member, Eric Kelner (left), with company co-founders Chip Letton (center) and Jim Hall (right) in a meeting in 2010.

Eric Toskey at a rig site while on a field audit in Peru.

Amin Amin (right) examing a multiphase flow meter in Saudi Arabia.

Wayne Lake observing a wild caribou winter grazing near the production facilities in Alaska.