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Renowned globally as the inventor of Zanker plate technology for flow conditioning, Klaus is one of the industry’s most knowledgeable and respected flow measurement experts. With about 60 years in measurement development, he has expertise in nearly every flow meter technology. Klaus’ strengths are in single phase and multiphase fluid mechanics, flow meter design and application, meter fouling, measurement diagnostics, and flow meter testing and calibration.

With a first class honors B.Sc. (Eng) degree from University of London (UK) in 1957, Klaus began work at the British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA) where he developed, amongst other things, the flow conditioner, which remains today as an international standard (BSI and ISO). Klaus continued to make significant contributions to flow measurement during his tenure as Manager of Flow Products at Kent Instruments and V.P. Engineering at Agar Corporation. After a near 30-year career in flow measurement research and engineering, Klaus joined Schlumberger to lead the development of several drilling fluid measurement projects. He then joined Daniel Industries where he developed the first fiscal gas ultrasonic meter. Klaus has been an active researcher and project manager with the Letton Hall Group since 2006.

As a child, Klaus fled Germany with his family before WWII, and grew up as a young man in the UK. Today, Klaus is a British, Israeli, and American citizen, yet he still holds on to some of his British traditions! Klaus has been married for over fifty years, and has two sons and two grandchildren. He enjoys keeping physically fit, international travel, music, and grappling with theoretical challenges.

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Klaus J. Zanker

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Principal Advisor Gas and Liquid Measurement

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