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Don is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable persons in measurement systems in the oil and gas industry. His knowledge of liquid, gas and LNG flow metering systems is always current and practical, and reflects his 40+ year career of global field experience. Don has expertise in gas measurement, liquid measurement, sampling, sales and custody transfer measurement, meter proving, tanker loading, hydrocarbon processing, transportation, and facility planning, design, construction, and commissioning. Don is a skilled auditor and troubleshooter, is also highly sought after for his ability to train and develop people.

After earning a BBA in accounting from Texas Tech University, Donald Day has gone on to enjoy a diverse career in the oil and gas industry. Early on, he was an Audit Accountant with Touche Ross, then a "Big 8" firm. In 1972, Don moved to Haliburton as a Senior Accountant, and ended his career there in early 1981 as Administrative Manager for the Phillips Sweeny Refinery Expansion. In February of that year, Don accepted an offer from Pearson's Engineering, Fabrication and Construction as Project Manager, and went on to become Executive Vice President and General Manager. In 1988 he also joined Flow Measurement Consultant - Smith Systems Operation as Project Manager and later General Manager. From August of 1998 until 2011, Don was with Emerson Process Management, Vice President and General Manager for Daniel Systems, Senior Vice President of Technology for Daniel Measurement & Control, and leaving them as a group FMC. Donald joined the Letton-Hall Group in May of 2010 as a consultant, and in December 2012 on a full time basis, bringing with him a vast wealth of knowledge and experience.


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Donald Day

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Principal Advisor
Measurement Systems

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